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  Dash, Jump, And Shoot your way to Victory!

Choose from a variety of Tanks: Each with their own Strengths, Weaknesses, and Abilities!

Fight through 20 Unique and Hazardous Stages on Easy, Normal, Or Hard Difficulty!

Play the campaign with up to four of your friends with local Co-op support!


Wishlist On Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1345440/Toy_Tanks/

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/9D2ysgAUuk


Toy Tanks is a 3-Dimensional, Physics based, Tank game. Featuring an unique blend of Platforming and Twin-Stick shooting. The game offers both a Cooperative Campaign and a Competitive Verses Mode(Coming Soon). Your goal is to destroy the enemy Tanks, With each type of Tank using a different approach to take you on. You'll have to learn how they fight in order to win. And if enemy Tanks wasn't enough, Some levels also feature various Hazards along with other surprises. As you play your tank will gain experience and level up, this will unlock more content for you later down the line!

I hope you enjoy the game, The full version will include an additional 10 levels(30 in total) along with more unlockable Tanks, Levels, and Gamemodes. Currently, local multiplayer(up to 4 players) is supported, And we hope to add online multiplayer soon for the final release. 

Please email me directly at: rodneyluckhurst@gmail.com for any questions or concerns regarding the project, Thank you!

The Gameplay Loop

Because Toy Tanks is grounded in physics, much of the moment to moment gameplay involves mastering the movement. There are two main ways to do damage in Toy Tanks: Shooting and Dashing

Both of these mechanics are in someway tied to you speed and direction. Shooting will be more effective if you are moving in the same direction your aiming, this is because part of your momentum is carried on to the shot. 

Dashing is a bit more nuanced. In order to do damage with a Dash, you must make a direct hit onto an enemy tank. In addition to doing damage, this will also fling the enemy tank away from you, rendering it vulnerable for the next few moments. Dashes 'reload' much faster then shots, so if your willing to get aggressive, they have the potential to be much more devastating. Dashing also provides the player with a few frames of invincibility, so get in there! 


Toy Tanks is still under development, This is the demo version of the game and is highly subject to change. 

Also please note:  A gamepad is recommended to play. Keyboard and Mouse support is present but still under development. 

Read the README Text File included with download for controls.

Hard mode is recommended for experienced players.


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Toy Tanks Demo - Windows.zip 136 MB
Toy Tanks Demo - Linux.zip 134 MB
Toy Tanks Demo - Mac.zip 126 MB

Development log


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Hey DEV I enjoyed this game because it brings me back to the WII Play Tanks game. Although not being exactly a like I do however enjoy the mechanics, not really a big fan of the jumping part but everything else I love. I do have a problem with how I try to go to the settings it constantly goes back to the menu so I basically can't test out what my PC can handle. Scrolling through the menu is a bit confusing and difficult.

Hi! Thank you for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. In the final game there is going to be a "Modifier" that allows you to play the game in "Class Mode", no jumping, 1 health, things are slowed down a bit. Sounds like it'd be right up your alley. 

The menus are being worked on, I know they're kinda tough to handle right now. 


Thank you for your response, I'll keep my eye out for the full game and will give a review again once it's out! Good-luck on your full release!

why can't I claim this game?

The game is free to download, are you having issues downloading the game? Email me: rodneyluckhurst@gmail.com

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amazing game reminds me of wii tanks just one suggestion aiming is a bit annoying and I would say to close to the tank maybe on the easy difficulty loosen up the aiming

I am actively working on a better solution for Key board and mouse. The new system should be in the game very soon. I know it's a bit brutal right now. The game is much easier to play on gamepad

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I agree, I liked the Wii game setup of moving and aiming independently. I'd rather have the mouse cursor always be visible on screen, so the aiming sight not always stick so close to the tank, and the keyboard to move around. Also, the explosion animation (both enemy and player) can have a bit more *oomph, like maybe show it longer or something.

Other then that, this looks pretty dope :)

I’ve slowly but surely learning my way around special effects design. Definitely on my todo list to revamp the explosion. Glad you liked the game! 


uh wdym bro 6 FU**IN Dollers For A Demo?


That is a mistake, the demo is and will be 100% free always. I will fix this. 


I got stuck on this screen, my tank is not loaded and I am unable to leave the level. 

Looking into the issue now. Thank you for letting me know!

Allright thanks, I hope  you find it.


Mario combined with animal crossing.

Hit the nail on the head


Holy shit, it's wii play tanks!!!


With cool physics 😎

when i clicked yes for quick tutorial id didnt work

Looking into this now, Will get back to you once it's solved.

Try downloading the latest version and trying again. Should work this time. Thank you for letting me know!

how do you control this? because the tutorial didnt work

Looking into this now, Will get back to you once it's solved. 

Try downloading the latest version and trying again. Should work this time. Thank you for letting me know!


""wii play, do you?" , is that a threat?" 

-Scott the woz


this concept is giving me some vibes from wii play's tank


it is heavily inspired by that game - I hope you enjoyed it!

quite challenging but also fun

- Thanks for making this tho :)


Great game!

i have put it on my wishlist on steam. 

Please make the tutorial restartable.

Had to restart the game because i connected the controller after i started the game.

Thank you for the feedback, Duly noted!

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nice game i have no complaints


Very fun game! Simple mechanics, easy to pick up, and just enough of a challenge to be addictive without being frustrating.

TTwo things to admit for those who don't watch the video: 1. I chose hard mode because *insert good reason later* and 2. I think half of the video is level 1-6. It should be a testimint to the game that I was stuck playing that level over and over but having such a great time anyways that I kept pushing the end of the video just to see it through.

I kept launching myself somehow, I'm hoping I can review the footage and find out because it's so funny and fun to do that I want to learn to do it on purpose.

Other than that, I got a little lost in the menu, but that might be my fault, I don't use my ps4 controller that often so was never fully sure what button I was clicking. The gameplay is great and a total blast, and I want to gather some friends to play it with me!

Cant wait for the full release! Thanks for the game!


Very glad you enjoyed the game, Thank you for playing!

Is this game inspired by the Wii Tanks? I loved to play that as a kid! Your game is VERY frustrating and sometimes lags, but that is just the demo version. However, your game was quite quick and smooth (I managed to get 200 FPS on my bad graphics card) and was overall fun to play. Can't wait for the official release!


um..thank you for making the game free for now. i just feel bad claim it without paying. 😅

i hope your game can inspire other Developer to make games :D

The full game is coming to steam in the next few months, give it a Wishlist, that's more then enough! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1345440/Toy_Tanks/#game_area_purchase

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this looks awesome just from this page

Thank you! Took me a while to get everything right. I’m happy I could convey the game’s vibe with just the page itself. 

There is an issue with the new update. Me and another person tried downloading the game, but crashed while playing. The main tank does not spawn.

Thank you for letting me know I will look into this now. What platform are you on?

I tried it on Windows

I recently updated the windows version. I couldn’t replicate the bug myself when I tried. It may be a good idea to just download the newest version and try again. If it still doesn’t work, message me back with more details on what exactly you did to make the bug occur. I will do my very best to fix this for you. 

I tried playing the game but the window was too big for my screen, and I couldn't see the bottom of the screen. I also can't resize the window.

Hi the minimum window size is 1280x720, what's the resolution of your monitor? You should be able to press the "ESC" key on the splashscreen to get to the options menu to change the resolution. 

Thanks, I didn't realise you could do that. The game's really fun and addicting :)

Glad to hear your enjoying it! 


Hi Wii Tanks.

In all seriousness this looks nice, I may have to check this out later.

Heavily inspired by that awesome game! But the physics really change the formula!


nice game


Thank you, Consider joining the discord if you'd like to keep up with development. https://discord.gg/ewrbAuGu

The Discord link seems to have expired.


Is the photoshop UI available?

Hi! I don't know what you mean by this, Maybe email me and I can help: rodneyluckhurst@gmail.com

The UI.. Is there a photoshop file for it.. The UI image shown above.


Holy Cheez.....This is AMAZING....I wish I could code this well

Never say never! I've been practicing for over 5 years now, Keep at it and you will get there!!


Played a disgusting amount of hours of Wii Tanks when I was younger, so I felt it I had to give it a shot when I stumbled across the game. Let me tell you this game is addicting. From just playing the first few levels I was hooked. The physics of the game were very interesting and often led to some hilarious gameplay. Overall the levels are challenging and offer tons of replay value in trying to 100% the game and setting new times. Can't wait to see where this game goes when it is finally released. Thanks for giving me a piece of my childhood back!!! 

Glad you enjoyed it!


Pretty awesome game, has a lot of cool mechanics and satisfying gameplay, also fun enemy variety and the dashing is VERY satisfying mechanic, 10/10 good game

Love the support!!


very fun take on the wii tanks genre!!! very physics based and slightly unfair but that just makes it even better!!!!! its really funny when you see your tank fly across the screen or even make other tanks fly away. you even have 4 tanks to choose from!! it also has really fun dash mechanics and is overall a really good game!!

Physics = Fun! Haha, thank you for playing.